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All significant, contentious or novel decisions will be agreed by the Police and Crime Commissioner and can be viewed below. Other decisions can be viewed here

Decision Title Date Ref Attachments
Avon and Somerset Scheme of Governance 01/04/2014 2014/011


Award of contract for Substance Misuse Arrest Intervention Referral Service (AIRS) 25/04/2014 2014/009


 Vehicle Telematics 17/03/2014 2014/008


 Purchase of Iken Software for PCC Office 21/03/2014 2014/007

Case Managemnt System Business Case 

Treasury Management Strategy 2014/15 (Investment Strategy of the PCC) 14/03/2014 2014/006

Treasury Management Strategy 2014/15 

 PNC - Recommendation to Award Contract 06/02/2014 2014/005

Please note that the supporting document is not for publication 

 Temporary Labour-Contract Extension 05/02/2014 2014/004


Custody, Detainee Transportation and Identification Services - Project ADAPT 31/01/2014 2014/003

Letter from PCC to CC

Letter from CC to PCC

Business Case Executive Summary

Donation to the Police Community Trust - Commissioner's Community Action Fund 24/01/2014 2014/001

2013/14 Decision

Further Information

 Motor Fuel Contract 15/10/2013 2013/020 Please note that the supporting document is not for publication
 Write off as Bad Debt Amount Owing by Swanglen Furniture Ltd 12/12/2013 2013/019 Please note that the document referred to is not for publication
 In-year Funding to National Ugly Mugs Scheme (NUM) 03/12/2013 2013/018  
Request to Formally Merge Somerset's Community Safety Partnerships into a Single 'Safer Somerset Partnership' 12/09/2013 2013/016  
Treasury Management Servies Provided by Somerset County Council - One Year Extension to Contract 06/09/2013 2013/015  
Avon & Somerset Scheme of Governance 17/06/2013 2013/014  
Managed Print Service 28/08/2013 2013/013  
Project Initiation Arrest Referral 17/06/2013 2013/012  
Contract Award for Body Shop Repairs 22/08/2013 2013/011  

Private Sector Partnering: Detainee Management, Detainee Transport and Identification Services

01/08/2013  2013/010  

Letter to CC from PCC

Letter from PCC to CC

Special Policing of Football Matches (Bristol City FC) 31/07/2013  2013/009  
Award Contract to the AA for Managed Vehicle Recovery & Roadside Assist 12/07/2013 2013/008  Please note that the document referred to is not for publication
Employee Assistance Programme 27/06/2013 2013/007  
Creation of Volunteers Panel to Focus on Complaints 17/05/2013 2013/006

 Role Description

Person Specification

Project Plan

Volunteer Agreement

Allocation of Community Safety Grant 2013/14 08/05/2013 2013/005  
Establishment of Commissioners Community Action Fund 08/05/2013 2013/004  
OPCC Team Appointment Process 08/04/2013   2013/003  
 Joint Audit Committee Appointment Process 08/03/2013 2013/002  
 Treasury Management Strategy 2013/14 (Investment Strategy of the PCC) Jan 13   Treasury Management Strategy 2013/14
 Confirmation of Chief Constable Appointment 22/01/2013 2013/001  
Chief Constable Appointment Process 23/11/2012 2012/002  
E-Commerce for Policing Solution 30/11/2012 2012/003  


Reports and Meetings - for details of any public meetings held by the PCC including date, time, venue, agenda, reports and minutes or minutes of any non public meetings held by the PCC where matters of public interest relating to PCC functions are discussed.

You can also view Other Decisions


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