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Grants awarded by the PCC for 2014/15

Grants awarded by the PCC for 2014/15 - £2,669,868


Bath and North East Somerset

Project  SummaryAmount
Supporting victims - A Joined-Up Approach      A joined up approach providing a tailored service to the needs of individuals and communities who experience racist, faith based, homophobic or disability related hate crime.  £15,000
Independent Domestic Violence Advisor Service      The service provides immediate support to anyone experiencing domestic abuse.  The service reaches out to the community and gives specialist support and intervention to reduce the risk of serious harm to adults and children. £30,000
Identification and referral to Improve Safety (IRIS)     Project to enable the identification of the signs of domestic abuse by GPs to ensure that support is put in place.  £30,938
Midsomer Norton Community Alcohol Partnership      The partnership aims to develop a responsible drinking culture amongst both adults and young people and as a result reducing alcohol related anti-social behaviour. £15,000
Project 28      Holistic support for young people aged under 18 who have needs associated with problematic substance misuse.  £12,228
Compass      Youth crime prevention initiative, working with and supporting on a voluntary basis 8-17 year olds who are identified as being at a high risk of offending. £15,168
Keynsham targeted anti-social behaviour (ASB)/substance misuse project      Providing young people with a positive and safe environment to voice their concerns, participate in local governance, reduce negative perceptions, be empowered to take decisions and action to improve the local community and improve services for young people with the aim of reducing ASB.  £10,000
Foxhill Community Play Rangers     Project to provide play opportunities for children aged 5-13 in local parks and open spaces to improve intergenerational relationships and reduce ASB. £10,000



Alley Gating in Vulnerable Areas  The scheme involves encouraging community led schemes where local groups arrange to gate off alleyways in crime hotspot areas where burglaries and ASB occurs. £10,000
LGBT Domestic Outreach Project  Increasing knowledge and raising awareness of domestic abuse amongst LGBT groups, organisations and individuals. £35,000
Restorative approaches to Hate Crime  Reducing racially motivated perpetrating and offending in children and young people, using restorative approaches to tackle hate crime. £10,000
Young People's Substance Misuse Treatment  Provision of specialist support to young people who are misusing drugs and alcohol or whose parents are doing so.  £35,500
Southmead Project  Project supporting those experiencing severe and complex needs associated with childhood abuse and trauma and addressing any later mental and physical ill-health. £17,000
Skilling Staff/Volunteers to support Victims of Trafficking  Up skilling staff and volunteers to support victims of trafficking and increasing the awareness of the adult referral pathway. £15,000
Keep Safe Programme  Working with young people with learning disabilities who have been abused by their parents/carers ensuring greater protection for victims and a process of accountability.  £15,000
StayS@feNet  Project working with young people who exhibit harmful internet sexual behaviour. £17,000
Bristol Neighbourhood Justice Team  Support for work to deliver restorative justice to address low level crime and anti-social behaviour.  £40,704
Tackling Night-Time Economy  Project aiming to deliver initiatives which will directly impact on violence crime and ASB levels in relation to tackling night-time economy. £20,000
Street Conflict Conditional Caution Programme  Working with schools and identified cohorts of young people to prevent individuals from being drawn into street conflict and to deliver a pilot conditional cautioning programme for young people who come to attention because of a range of low level offences. £48,000
The Green House Counselling Services  From October 2014, grant towards the work to support victims of sexual violence. £12,208
Youth Moves  Various youth work, working with young people aged 8-19 years old to engage in a variety of youth diversionary activities, educations programmes, mentoring services, leadership and community cohesion projects. £65,000
Police & Young People Together Projects  Local young people and community policing teams are brought together to develop their relationship, build trust and develop projects.  £65,000
The Riverside Youth Project  Providing sporting opportunities open to all young people who can self refer to the club and attend as often as they wish. £60,070
Specialist Substance Misuse Service  Provision of specialist substance misuse services and treatment provision for young people who are engaged with the Youth Offending Service. £56,000
Diversionary Gangs Project  Targeted interventions engaging primarily with 12-16 year olds who are at risk of involvement in gang activity. £28,000


North Somerset

Project Summary Amount
Integrated Community Safety Services  A number of integrated work streams providing support for victims and more effective interventions with offenders.    £138,831
Youth Offending and Prevention Service and Drug and Youth Intervention Work  Working with young people to prevent offending and substance misuse.   £31,067
Stand Against Racism and Inequality (SARI): North Somerset Service to support victims of Hate Crime  From October 2014, grant towards the work to support victims of hate crime.   £25,000



ProjectSummary Amount
Adult Fire Setters  SAFE South West in partnership with Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue service to pilot a project aimed at intervening in the behaviour of adults who have deliberately set fires or at risk of fire setting.  £4,950
Independent Domestic Abuse Advisors in Hospitals  Developing Independent Domestic Violence Advisor services into acute hospital settings including both Musgrove and Yeovil District Hospitals.  £54,000
Family Intervention Project  Provision of a specialist service available to children of all genders, ethnicities, vulnerabilities and those aged 3-16 whose parents or carers recieve support from the Independent Domestic Violence Advisor. £27,000
Third Party Reporting  To create a number of reporting centres across Somerset where people can report a hate crime and incident in familiar surroundings. £4,000
Shepton Mallet Skate Park  An initiative developed by local young people to establish a skate park, encouraging community cohesion and to develop a youth agenda in the town. £40,000
Greenways Projects  An opportunity to bring an unused area of land into use by the local communities of Rockwell Green and Westford Grange in Wellington, supporting young people, families and the wider community.  £9,480
Independent ASB Support Services Support from a dedicated caseworker and volunteers to help victims cope and recover from ASB they are experiencing and assisting the enforcement and other partner agencies involved to eradicate ASB. £67,750
Targeted Youth Support  Youth outreach project aiming to support individuals to gain self-esteem, develop motivation, improve social skills and improve future prospects. £41,000
Fuse  Youth diversionary activities aiming to reduce the impact of ASB and violence in the local community, tackle environmental crime and tackle hate crime. £20,500
IMPACT Family Project  Positive personal development for offenders such as education courses or voluntary work. £5,000
Somerset Community Justice Panel  Working in partnership with public sector agencies and the voluntary sector to skill volunteers in the community in restorative justice practice and panel facilitation. £61,820
Domestic Abuse Champions: Bournemouth Churches Housing Association: BCHA  Developing and supporting a network of champions across Somerset who are specially trained to help raise the profile of domestic abuse as a health issue and to understand the systems for referral and support services available. £35,000
Mendip young targeted diversionary activity  Support for communities to engage with young people, providing diversionary activities for those aged 11-19 and reducing the risk of them becoming involved in ASB. £9,500
Be Me Therapy service for victims of ASB  A voluntary attendance cognitive therapy programme for victims or perpetrators of ASB. £6,000
Independent Domestic Violence Advisor Service From October 2014, grant towards the work of the Independent Domestic Violence Advisor service. £17,826
Intensive Youth Engagement Pilot Project  Working with young people as part of the Youth Offending Service to positively engage them in the local community, supporting them to engage with education, training and employment opportunities and to provide other support required to divert them away from future offending.   £76,556


South Gloucestershire

 ProjectSummary Amount
Independent ASB Support Service  Support from a dedicated caseworker and volunteers to help victims cope and recover from ASB they are experiencing and assisting the enforcement and other partner agencies involved to eradicate ASB. £38,655
Outreach Youth Work Project  Project delivering outreach work in the Abbotswood and Doddington areas of Yate, Filton and Central Kingswood, to be delivered on the streets with young people in a bid to reduce ASB. £18,000
Towards Freedom  Project providing two programmes of group work support in Kingswood and Patchway to women who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse. £15,961
Resolve to Stop the Violence Programme  Delivering drug and alcohol treatment services and working with those affected by domestic violence, both as perpetrators and victims. £15,336
Time to Recover Programme  A social enterprise founded and operated by people with a history of drug/alcohol dependency and offending backgrounds. £33,719
South Gloucestershire Hate Incidents Response Service  Providing an effective response service for people facing and affected by hate crime as well as promoting cohesive and respectful communities who have a zero tolerance to all forms of hate. £28,261
Survive From October 2014, grant towards the work of the Independent Domestic Violence Advisor service. £22,742
Kinergy Counselling Services  From October 2014, grant towards the work to support victims of sexual violence. £22,000
Youth Offending Service  Specialist substance misuse service for young people engaged with the Youth Offending Service. £33,798


Avon and Somerset

Drugs Intervention - AIRS Arrest Intervention Referral Service supporting individuals at the point of arrest whose offending is linked to substance misuse. £724,701
Sexual Assault Referral Centre  Specialist medical and forensic services and support for anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted. £227,604
Independent Sexual Violence Advisors  Independent advisors trained to look after the needs of individuals who have been raped or sexually assaulted providing care, understanding, help through the criminal justice process and an important link between the victim and the police. £125,995


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