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FOI disclosure log

The FOI disclosure log from the first PCC term (2012 - April 2016) can be viewed here.

Reference Date responded Summary Response 
703 08/02/2018 Cost of CC Gargan Suspension FOI Q&A 08/02/18
702 06/02/2018 How many RFD were issued in the last 10 years and what restrictions, if any, wereplaced on them FOI Q&A 06/02/18
701 06/02/2018 Number of successful prosecutions unsing domestic (private) CCTV systems as evidence FOI Q&A 06/02/18
697 30/01/2018 Questions regarding Community Resilience Team for Avon FOI Q&A 30/01/18
694 06/02/2018 Grants awarded to support victims of stalking FOI Q&A 06/02/18
693 10/01/2018 Documentation Relating to Operation Hitherto FOI Q&A 10/01/18
690 10/01/2018 IOD Pensions Review - Minutes/Notes/Documents of Meetings Between the PCC and Chief Constable FOI Q&A 10/01/18
689 18/12/2017 Documents relating to IOD and Operation Hitherto FOI Q&A 18/12/17
688 08/12/2017 Guidance regarding Official Twitter Account FOI Q&A 08/12/17
682 20/11/2017 Documentation containing instructions regarding thye official Twitter account over the last 3 years FOI Q&A 21/11/17
680/681 07/11/2017 Police Information Notices (PIN) given to black people? officers involved? and who is in charge of the force? FOI Q&A 07/11/17
675 14/08/2017 Are there any ongoing investigations into the Roman Catholic Diocese of Clifton FOI Q&A 14/08/17
674 14/08/2017 For the past 8 years how much has the PCC spent on: Victim's Services; and Sexual Violence/ Domestic Violence FOI Q&A 14/08/17
672 07/08/2017 Workplace bullying incidents lodged against the Police and Crime Commissioner FOI Q&A 07/08/17
671 28/07/2017 Groups to receive funding from the PCC for provision of support to victims of rape and sexual assualt FOI Q&A 28/07/17
669 23/06/2017 IOD Pension Reviews FOI Q&A 23/06/17
667 06/06/2017 OPCC CEO Pay, Any OPCC Redundancies, dismissals, voluntary exits or early retirements and any costs FOI Q&A 06/06/17
 666 19/05/2017  Age of Sexual Consent in the UK FOI Q&A 19/05/17
 664 12/04/2017  PFI and/or PF2 Projects/Schemes/Liabilities FOI Q&A 12/04/17
 663 13/04/2017 When and Where the PCC and CC have met to discuss the Injury On Duty Pension review over the last 2 years and what was said during the meetings.  FOI Q&A 13/04/17
656 07/03/2017  Commissioned Services for Victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse FOI Q&A 07/03/17
650 13/02/2017 A & S Spend on Police Orphans Pensions and Eligibility FOI Q&A 13/02/17
649 06/02/2017 Police Widows Pension Details FOI Q&A 06/02/17
648 13/02/2017 Correspondence about the HR Merger Between A & S with its Neighbouring Partnering Organisations FOI Q&A 13/02/17
647 13/02/2017 Copies of Correspondence Relating to What Has Been Saved or Spent in Addition on IOD Pension and What has Been Spent on Reviews to Date. FOI Q&A 13/02/17
646 13/02/2017 Anticipated Savings and Costs of Reviewing the Injury of Duty Pensioners FOI Q&A 13/02/17
645  24/01/2017 PCC Response to the College of Policing Consultation on the Policing Education and Qualifications Framework  FOI Q&A 24/01/17
639 02/12/16 Details of Any Equipment or Services, Purchased or Rented, for Overt Communications Data Capture, or for IMSI-Catchers, Operating in the Force Area FOI Q&A 02/12/16
638 02/12/2016 Any Information Held Requested on a PC Recorded as Serving at Puckington Police Station in 1901 FOI Q&A 02/12/16
637 16/12/2016 Current and Planned Provision for Supporting Adults who were Subject to Sexual Abuse as Children FOI Q&A 16/12/16
636 22/11/2016 Standing Orders FOI Q&A 22/11/16
634 29/11/16 CCDC Equipment FOI Q&A 29/11/16
632 09/11/2016 Equipment Interference FOI Q&A 09/11/16
626  24/08/2016 Transparency Requirements  FOI Q&A 24/08/16 
625 23/08/2016 TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections FOI Q&A 23/08/16
624 23/08/2016 Chief Constable and other Chief Officers Contracts, details of contracts and payments, reimbursements or allowances FOI Q&A 23/08/16
623 10/08/2016 How much the PCC has spent on Crime and Disorder Grants FOI Q&A 10/08/16
619 13/07/2016  Dispersal Powers data  FOI Q&A 13/07/16 
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