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FOI disclosure log

The FOI disclosure log from the first PCC term (2012 - April 2016) can be viewed here.

Reference Date responded Summary Response 



Audio recording of Police Appeals Tribunal 


821 30/07/20


PCC information regarding planning surrounding the statue.



817 18/06/20 Contact to the PCC regarding the statue. 

FOI Q&A 18/06/20 

Attachment 1

814 17/06/20 Correspondence between the PCC, Chief Constable and Mr John Smith regarding the appointment of the Deputy PCC. 

FOI Q&A 17/06/20

Attachment 1

Attachment 2

Attachment 3

Attachment 4

815 09/06/20 The number of attempts to access any websites categorised as pornographic content from computers and other devices connected to your internet network. 


 808 09/03/20  Did your Police Crime Commissioner submit a response to the Home Office
public consultation, launched on the 5th of November 2019   Strengthening
police powers to tackle unauthorised encampments” 

FOI Q&A 09/03/20

803 25/02/20 PCC and Office of the PCC costs salary costs

FOI Q&A 25/02/20

Additional Information

802 05/02/20 Provide details of grants awarded in the financial years 2017-18 and 2018-19.

FOI Q&A 05/02/20

800 06/02/20 Correspondence
relating to Drug Consumption Rooms / facilities / centres (or Overdose
Prevention Rooms / facilities / centres).

FOI Q&A 06/02/20


799 27/01/20 Subject access request ackowledgement and response letter, copy of the last 5 DPIAs and a copy of internal mandatory information governance training given to staff which was written in the last 2 years.

FOI Q&A 27/01/20

Attachment 1

Attachment 2

Attachment 3

798  17/12/19 Is the PCC a member of  or connected to Countryside Alliance, Vote-OK, any fox hunt or any form of bloodsports? FOI Q&A 17/12/19
796 18/12/19 Employees who sign the Official Secrets Act and in What Format?

FOI Q&A 18/12/19

795 24/10/19 Spend on branded PCC merchandise

FOI Q&A 24/10/19


794 31/10/19 NUM funding

FOI Q&A 31/10/19

792 18/10/19 Projected leaving rate and seperately plan recruiting and training rate for uniformed police over the next 10 years

FOI Q&A 18/10/19


790 16/10/19 Map showing the region with crime hotpsots shown against top 5 crime types. Map showing the region with Constituency and Council Boundaries, Non classified Police Assets (Police station/depots/HQ/custody suits) overlaid.

FOI Q&A 16/10/19


787 17/09/19 Has the PCC emailed in the last 3 years surrounding having a crisis concordate meeting? FOI Q&A 17/09/19
785 29/08/19 Information on the spending and forward planning of the Violence Reduction Unit funding FOI Q&A 29/08/19
784 05/08/19 Is there a backlog of Subject Access Requests? FOI Q&A 05/08/19
780 05/08/19 Police and Crime Plans FOI Q&A 05/08/19
779 07/08/19 Did the OPCC submit evidence to the consultation 'police powers for dealing with unauthorised development and encampments' in 2018? FOI Q&A 07/08/19
778 01/08/19 How many times has the PCC applied for a certificate of Forfieture of an Officer's police penison after they were convicted of a criminal offence over financial years 2016-17,2017-18 and 2018-19. FOI Q&A 01/08/19
776 25/06/19 Office of the PCC Job Titles and Salaries FOI Q&A 25/06/19
759 04/02/19 List of Funding Granted to Charities, Faith Organisations, Welfare Forums, BAME Groups and all other Funded Organisation FOI Q&A 04/02/19
758 23/01/19 Does the OPCC have an external provider to provide Communications support? FOI Q&A 23/01/19
752 04/01/19 Southmead Project/ Wall of Silence Contribution and Involvement? FOI Q&A 04/01/19
750 04/12/18 Third Party Hate Crime Reporting Centres FOI Q&A 04/12/18
748 20/11/18 Expenditure on Recruitment Advertising. FOIQ&A 20/11/18
746 29/10/18 CoPaCC Subscription Costs, Transparency Reports and Awards. FOI Q&A 29/10/18
744 29/10/2018 Recorded calls Policy/Unacceptable Behaviour Policy/Complain Policy/Charging for FoI Requests. FOI Q&A 29/10/18
734 23/08/2018 What estimates or analysis does the PCC hold relating to or reffering to the impact of "county lines" drug supply operations in the force area? Please provide any other information relating or referring to "county lines" drug supply operations. FOI Q&A 23/08/18
733 13/08/2018 Source of information use by the PCC at the Home Affairs Committee Roundtable discussion on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) on 6th July 2016 in Portcullis House when she said "in Bristol we have 2,000 who are at risk of FGM this summer" FOI Q&A 13/08/18
730 30/08/2018 Making an open government request for all records of information on UK general elections, local elections, mayoral elections and uk referendums which alledge electoral fraud etc. FOI Q&A 30/08/18
729 09/07/2018 Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) budget FOI Q&A 09/07/18
724 04/07/2018 Information that relates to the formulation and
execution of U.S. Foreign Policy and the administration and operations of the
U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Defence which alleges the U.S.
Department of State and U.S. Department of Defence committed electoral fraud at
the June 23rd 2016, United Kingdom European Union membership referendum and/or
the June 8th 2017, United Kingdom general election.
FOI Q&A 04/07/18
721 17/06/2018 Evidence which alleges the Conservative Party won an outright majority of MPs at the June 8th 17 UK general election FOI Q&A 17/06/18
719 31/05/2018 Organised or participated in any multi-agency campaigns for raising awarenes of domestic abuse. How much was spent and who were the partners. FOI Q&A 31/05/18
718 14/05/2018 Any Record of USA Department of Defence Committing Electoral Fraud at listed elctions or referenda FOI Q&A 14/05/18
713 12/04/2018 Reports concerning the policing of drug offences FOI Q&A 12/04/18
712 09/04/2018 Cost of "Trans Flag" raised over HQ? What is the current funding shortfall? FOI Q&A 09/04/18
708 07/03/2018 What Software is used to handle press releases/ media enquiries? FOI Q&A 07/03/18
704 09/03/2018 Details of Nick Gargan Misconduct? FOI Q&A 09/03/18
703 08/02/2018 Cost of CC Gargan Suspension FOI Q&A 08/02/18
702 06/02/2018 How many RFD were issued in the last 10 years and what restrictions, if any, wereplaced on them FOI Q&A 06/02/18
701 06/02/2018 Number of successful prosecutions unsing domestic (private) CCTV systems as evidence FOI Q&A 06/02/18
700 19/02/2018 Use of Social Media accounts and asscoiated costs FOI Q&A 19/02/18
697 30/01/2018 Questions regarding Community Resilience Team for Avon FOI Q&A 30/01/18
694 06/02/2018 Grants awarded to support victims of stalking FOI Q&A 06/02/18
693 10/01/2018 Documentation Relating to Operation Hitherto FOI Q&A 10/01/18
690 10/01/2018 IOD Pensions Review - Minutes/Notes/Documents of Meetings Between the PCC and Chief Constable FOI Q&A 10/01/18
689 18/12/2017 Documents relating to IOD and Operation Hitherto FOI Q&A 18/12/17
688 08/12/2017 Guidance regarding Official Twitter Account FOI Q&A 08/12/17
682 20/11/2017 Documentation containing instructions regarding thye official Twitter account over the last 3 years FOI Q&A 21/11/17
680/681 07/11/2017 Police Information Notices (PIN) given to black people? officers involved? and who is in charge of the force? FOI Q&A 07/11/17
675 14/08/2017 Are there any ongoing investigations into the Roman Catholic Diocese of Clifton FOI Q&A 14/08/17
674 14/08/2017 For the past 8 years how much has the PCC spent on: Victim's Services; and Sexual Violence/ Domestic Violence FOI Q&A 14/08/17
672 07/08/2017 Workplace bullying incidents lodged against the Police and Crime Commissioner FOI Q&A 07/08/17
671 28/07/2017 Groups to receive funding from the PCC for provision of support to victims of rape and sexual assualt FOI Q&A 28/07/17
669 23/06/2017 IOD Pension Reviews FOI Q&A 23/06/17
667 06/06/2017 OPCC CEO Pay, Any OPCC Redundancies, dismissals, voluntary exits or early retirements and any costs FOI Q&A 06/06/17
 666 19/05/2017  Age of Sexual Consent in the UK FOI Q&A 19/05/17
 664 12/04/2017  PFI and/or PF2 Projects/Schemes/Liabilities FOI Q&A 12/04/17
 663 13/04/2017 When and Where the PCC and CC have met to discuss the Injury On Duty Pension review over the last 2 years and what was said during the meetings.  FOI Q&A 13/04/17
656 07/03/2017  Commissioned Services for Victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse FOI Q&A 07/03/17
650 13/02/2017 A & S Spend on Police Orphans Pensions and Eligibility FOI Q&A 13/02/17
649 06/02/2017 Police Widows Pension Details FOI Q&A 06/02/17
648 13/02/2017 Correspondence about the HR Merger Between A & S with its Neighbouring Partnering Organisations FOI Q&A 13/02/17
647 13/02/2017 Copies of Correspondence Relating to What Has Been Saved or Spent in Addition on IOD Pension and What has Been Spent on Reviews to Date. FOI Q&A 13/02/17
646 13/02/2017 Anticipated Savings and Costs of Reviewing the Injury of Duty Pensioners FOI Q&A 13/02/17
645  24/01/2017 PCC Response to the College of Policing Consultation on the Policing Education and Qualifications Framework  FOI Q&A 24/01/17
639 02/12/16 Details of Any Equipment or Services, Purchased or Rented, for Overt Communications Data Capture, or for IMSI-Catchers, Operating in the Force Area FOI Q&A 02/12/16
638 02/12/2016 Any Information Held Requested on a PC Recorded as Serving at Puckington Police Station in 1901 FOI Q&A 02/12/16
637 16/12/2016 Current and Planned Provision for Supporting Adults who were Subject to Sexual Abuse as Children FOI Q&A 16/12/16
636 22/11/2016 Standing Orders FOI Q&A 22/11/16
634 29/11/16 CCDC Equipment FOI Q&A 29/11/16
632 09/11/2016 Equipment Interference FOI Q&A 09/11/16
626  24/08/2016 Transparency Requirements  FOI Q&A 24/08/16 
625 23/08/2016 TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections FOI Q&A 23/08/16
624 23/08/2016 Chief Constable and other Chief Officers Contracts, details of contracts and payments, reimbursements or allowances FOI Q&A 23/08/16
623 10/08/2016 How much the PCC has spent on Crime and Disorder Grants FOI Q&A 10/08/16
619 13/07/2016  Dispersal Powers data  FOI Q&A 13/07/16 
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