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Our efforts cannot be wasted

Posted: Monday 27th April 2020
Blog: April

Today, on his return 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister explained that social distancing and restrictions have flattened the peak, and have prevented the NHS from being overwhelmed.

He was clear that before anything changes, The Government need to ensure the five tests they have outlined are met but that they have a huge challenge ahead to with regard to sorting out the national testing strategy and the issue of having enough Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for frontline workers in the long term.

We all want to know what the exit strategy is going to look like and when life will return to normal. I think it’s important to acknowledge this is going to be a slow, steady process that will require patience and resilience from all of us and test us even further.

It will involve continuing to shield our most vulnerable friends and family members, as well as being sensible with how we interact with each other in the coming months to ensure that a possible second outbreak does not overwhelm our NHS.

It is inevitable that we will be living with some level of restrictions over the coming months, and the police and emergency services will continue to need your support.

We are very clear that we police by consent in the UK and that means that our officers in Avon and Somerset will need your ongoing support and engagement from local people so that we reach the vital recovery stage.

We are all going to face our individual challenges. Like everyone, I have  ups and downs. There are moments when I feel I have established some kind of routine in this strange new world and there are other times when I feel frustrated, anxious, worried and fearful about the current situation and what it means for the future.

I’m sure many of you are feeling the same and it is more important than ever that we do not let up and we do not throw away the sacrifices we have made over the last six weeks.

That is something that came across very clearly in today’s Speech from the prime minister. Now is not the time to have a sudden lift in restrictions. In fact, now is the crucial point that we have to stick with the restrictions to ensure everything we have done to make the south west the region in the country with the fewest cases  – isn’t undone by falling at the final hurdle.

Please take courage from the heroic efforts you have displayed over the last five weeks and please stick with the restrictions.

Stay home, stay well, save lives.

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