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Do you have thoughts on your local police service?

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This survey is now closed.

Across Avon and Somerset, the Office of the PCC (OPCC) lead improvement in policing, victim support and criminal justice services on behalf of local people to ensure all residents and members of our diverse communities feel safe. We know that each community has different needs and priorities, and coronavirus has caused great disruption to the way we all live and work.

As we all begin the journey of recovery from the impact of the global health pandemic, we want to make positive changes to our services to make sure we focus money, police officers and resources in the right places.

“We need you to let us know what you think about how you and your community is policed, what the police service does well, and what we can tell them to improve.

“The police service is under a great deal of pressure and with huge demand we need to think carefully about how best to resource that.

“By working with the police and partner agencies, the OPCC strive towards our vision of excellent victim services, better policing and fairer criminal justice services for all.

“I would like your thoughts on how to achieve that within these priority areas.”

PCC Sue Mountstevens

Last year, the Government announced Operation Uplift, their plan to recruit 20,000 new police officers across the country. As a result, Avon and Somerset Police will be able to recruit additional officers over the next few years.

We’re asking local people to help us understand what matters most to our communities and where they think the extra officers should be by answering our short survey.