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Over 5,600 local people complete PCC Police Tax survey

PCC Mark Shelford’s Police Tax survey closed on Friday 21 January with over 5,600 local people responding to the consultation.

Local people were asked via an online and postal survey if they would pay an increase in the policing part of the council tax, known as the precept. The consultation asked if residents would be willing to pay either a 2% increase, which is equivalent to approximately 40p per month for the average band D household, 4.1% increase, which is equivalent to approximately 83p per month for the average band D household or to not pay an increase at all.

This is following the Government’s announcement that PCCs could raise the precept for the next three years by £10 (83p per month) for the average band D household.

From those who completed the survey and had an opinion, 49.1% were in support of a 4.1% increase, 15.1% were in support of a 2% increase and 35.8% were not in support of any increase.

Of the 5,605 people who completed the survey, 2,190 did not vote in the PCC election 2021. This highlights the success of the consultation reaching those who previously might not have engaged with the PCC

In addition to running an online survey from 3 December, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) distributed over 15,000 postal surveys to local residents across Avon and Somerset.

The views of local people will be taken into consideration when the PCC and Police and Crime Panel meet to discuss the precept.

“I want to thank all of those residents who took the time to complete the survey and tell me their thoughts on any potential increase in the precept.

“As PCC, I will continue to balance the challenges facing policing with local people’s views in order to best resource an efficient and effective police service. The outcome of the precept discussion with the Police and Crime Panel will be published after I meet with them on 1 February 2022.”

PCC Mark Shelford