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We all have a responsibility to protect each other

covid 19 stay at home

Stay at home - Protect the NHS - Save lives

Each week it is a challenge to give you the same message - to say the same thing over and over again – while being more emphatic about the impact of our actions.

I cannot emphasise enough just how vitally important it will be this week, that we continue to stick to staying at home unless we are leaving for essential shopping, medical care or one bit of exercise a day.

Over the weekend the police received over 1,000 reports from people concerned about breaches of the restrictions – about a quarter of those were reports involving “groups”. Officers attended many of these reports and encouraged the vast majority to return home safely, only a couple of fines were issued to people who were showing complete disregard for the rules put in place to save lives.

With the sun shining, and the Easter holidays upon us, I understand just what a huge ask it is for people to stay indoors. Especially if you have young children or if you are someone who doesn’t have a garden or who lives in a flat. It’s tough, and it’s not fair, but this is about saving as many lives as we possibly can and we can only do that if we act together.

You are all allowed to go out for a walk, run or cycle once a day. We’ve already heard the government talking about the possibility of stopping this if the small minority do not follow the rules put in place to protect us all.

I do not want it to get to that stage and I’m sure the police service does not want that either. I must be clear that I will fully support the Chief Constable, and his police officers, who will have to enforce even tougher measures if the government tighten the restrictions.

Again, I would like to say thank you to our heroes on the frontline of our public services who are doing a fantastic job in supporting the most vulnerable. We need you now more than ever, please be assured that your hard work is truly recognised.

I also want to hail the other heroes in this public health crisis – the majority of you who are staying at home and minimising the number of times you leave. Be in no doubt that you are helping to lessen the impact on our NHS and you are saving many lives, thank you.

We cannot be complacent. We all have a responsibility to protect each other. I believe if we can be resilient and stick to these rules we can overcome this extremely challenging time sooner and in better shape.

In the years to come, I hope we can look back on these unprecedented times and feel proud in the knowledge that we responded with compassion and care to ensure we did the best for everyone.

Posted on Monday 6th April 2020
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