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Meet your PCC – Mark Shelford

Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Mark Shelford was elected as Conservative PCC in 2021.

Key responsibilities

The PCC is responsible for setting the direction and budget for policing in Avon and Somerset.

This involves:

  • Holding the police to account through the Chief Constable
  • Being accountable to local people
  • Setting the strategic direction and accountability for policing
  • Setting policing priorities in consultation with communities
  • Consulting, involving, and engaging with local people

Find out more about the PCC’s role.


PCC Mark Shelford spent over 30 years as an Army Officer and served alongside police across the globe, gaining an understanding of their role and sharing the risks they faced. As a result, Mark has a good understanding of service life and the pressures those protecting communities and people face.

Following his military service, Mark became Deputy Leader of Bath and North East Somerset council and also sat on the Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Panel.

Mark hopes to bring the skills he developed and experience of working in diverse communities to Avon and Somerset to make the force area a safer place for all.


PCC Mark Shelford’s focus will be delivering a more efficient and effective police service in order to make Avon and Somerset a safer place for all.

After consulting with local people and partners, the PCC has published his Police and Crime Plan.  The Police and Crime Plan outlines the strategic direction for the PCC’s term in office and how they will work with the police.

PCC Mark Shelford’s four police and crime priorities are:

  • Preventing and fighting crime
  • Engaging, supporting and working with communities, victims and partner organisations
  • Leading the police to be efficient and effective
  • Increasing the legitimacy of, and public confidence in, the police and criminal justice system

Mark is a firm believer in the principles of good policing set out by Sir Robert Peel when he established the first recognisable police force in the UK. The Peelian Principles of Policing embody three core focuses: the goal is preventing crime, not catching criminals; the key to preventing crime is earning public support; and the police earn public support by respecting community principles. 

Mark’s priorities embody the Peelian Principles and his approach is to reassure local people that the police are there for them; refocus the police on fighting crime; and rebuild and reinvigorate the morale and effectiveness of the police.

Meeting your PCC

The PCC will always try and make themselves available to those that need to speak with them. You can meet your PCC at public forums and drop-in sessions which are held regularly across the force area. Find out more about when the PCC is in your area next.


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