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PCC joins Remedy team’s fight against burglary and drugs

PCC Sue Mountstevens and Op Remedy team

Last week, PCC Sue Mountstevens joined some of the Operation Remedy team to see the hard work that is taking place to tackle the issues that matter most to local people: drugs, burglary and knife crime.

Operation Remedy was made possible thanks to the PCC increasing the policing part of the council tax last year. The additional funding went towards recruiting 100 new officers who solely focus on operations and investigations to deal with these issues.

During the PCC’s ride along, the team arrested a 16-year-old male for a high value commercial burglary in Hartcliffe, before heading to Bath to search for a suspected cannabis grow. The team arrested a 29-year-old male for being concerned in the production of cannabis at the grow site.

The PCC was also able to speak to the team and hear first-hand the difference Op Remedy has made to officers. The team discussed how being able to specifically focus on drugs, knife and burglary allows them to get into the details of these issues and, in turn, work more efficiently and collaboratively with others across the force.

“Officers and staff are determined to bring offenders to justice to stop more local people becoming victims and their professionalism should be applauded. I want to thank the team for their fantastic efforts and for inviting me to join them on such an insightful ride along.

“It’s nearly a year since the launch of Op Remedy and, while there have been great results achieved so far, there is still plenty more to be done. I know that going forward the Constabulary will continue to remain focused on dealing with knife crime, drugs and burglary and bring offenders to justice.”

PCC Sue Mountstevens

Sergeant Jen Appleford added: “We are privileged to work on Op Remedy and to feel we are making a difference to the public in robustly tackling the crimes that matter most to them.”