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Eight women who have inspired me over eight years

PCC Sue Mountstevens

For International Women’s Day 2020, PCC Sue Mountstevens discusses just some of the women who have inspired her during her last two terms as PCC.

Carol Metters MBE

Carol is the Chief Executive at Next Link, Safe Link and Missing Link. The organisations provide support for victims of sexual assault, domestic abuse and mental health services.

“Carol’s work with vulnerable women and children across Avon and Somerset has inspired me since the day we first met. Her hard work and dedication supporting victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault or those struggling with mental health issues is second to none. I am honoured to work so closely with Carol and the team at Safe Link, and the work they do continues to make a real difference. Carol is determined to make a difference for women and tackle the issues that women face.”

PCC Sue Mountstevens

Deputy Chief Constable (DCC) Sarah Crew

DCC Sarah Crew is passionate about ensuring victims are at the forefront of all of Constabulary’s decisions. Sarah is the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) national lead for adult sexual offences.

“Since the start of her career in policing, Sarah has always been determined to help and support victims of rape and sexual assault. Sarah played a pivotal role in setting up The Bridge – a sexual assault referral centre (SARC) in the centre of Bristol – and a safe place for victims of sexual assault. It is not surprising that Sarah is the NPCC national lead for adult sexual offences. She is truly passionate about creating lasting change for rape and sexual assault victims and the service that the police provides.”

PCC Sue Mountstevens

Esme Achiro

Six-year-old Esme is a brave and inspiring young girl from South Somerset.

“Esme is a young girl with such passion and enthusiasm. It was an honour to meet her at my recent Pride Awards ceremony. Esme was awarded for her bravery when she called 999 when her mother fell ill on the side of the road; thanks to her quick thinking Esme ultimately saved her mother’s life. It’s young women like Esme that inspire me to keep working hard to ensure that positive changes are made for the next generation. If we could all just have a bit little of Esme’s bravery, just think of the great changes that could be made.”

PCC Sue Mountstevens

Sister Mary Josephine

As former headmistress, Sister Mary Josephine encouraged us to get the most out of our education and inspired us to achieve their goals.

“As my primary school head teacher, Sister Josephine was one of my earliest inspirations! During my time at school I often struggled with my peers, as many children today still do, but she always had a positive outlook. She told us if you work hard and have faith in yourself, you can achieve anything.”

PCC Sue Mountstevens

Hillary Clinton

Hillary is an American politician, diplomat, lawyer, writer and public speaker.

“It is not Hillary’s politics that inspire me, but her passion and drive to continue her role as a public figure even after such humiliation. It is inspiring to see how resilient Hillary has been in the face of such critical media. It’s important to also remember that she has never tired of her humanitarian work and the way she continues to campaign for issues close to her heart is inspiring.”

PCC Sue Mountstevens

Jen Appleford

Sergeant Appleford plays a key role in the Operation Remedy team, the operation is a coordinated effort to improve residential burglary, knife crime and the illegal supply of drugs.

“I was lucky enough to recently go out with Jen and the Op Remedy team. The first thing that struck me when I met Jen was her authenticity and how approachable she is. During the ride along, it was apparent she understands and respects her team and, importantly, knows how to motive the officers. She leads her team with real professionalism and is an example of a great leader.”

PCC Sue Mountstevens

Hannah Nelson

Hannah currently volunteers as a police cadet in the Bristol unit and, after she completes her A Levels, she hopes to pursue a career in policing.

“Last year it was a pleasure to meet Hannah, a young cadet from Bristol. She spoke so highly of the police service and has great ambitions to join the force in a few years’ time. Hannah volunteers as a cadet and plays a vital role in supporting the police as well as learning about the force. It was lovely to see Hannah speak with such drive and passion as she hopes to study criminology at college and then plans to embark on the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA) at UWE. It is wonderful to see such ambition and I will certainly watch her career with great interest.”

PCC Sue Mountstevens

Aaliyah Hussain

Aaliyah is the founder of WeRise, which stands for Women Empowered Against Racism, Injustice, Sexism and Extremism. The independent organisation aims to empower Muslim women and girls to be true equals in the community.

“When I met with Aaliyah, I was delighted to hear the fantastic work WeRise has been undertaking to support local Muslim women and girls in Bristol. She is a real drive for change and wants women to feel confident to speak out and create social change. She is aware that things do not change by themselves and communities need to make changes. She is a determined, motivated and driven individual and I look forward to see the work of WeRise in the future.”

PCC Sue Mountstevens