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PCC appoints Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner

PCC Mark Shelford has announced the appointment of Claire Hiscott to assist him as Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner (DPCC).

The announcement follows a successful Police and Crime Panel confirmation hearing on Thursday 17 March.

The purpose of the role is to provide support to the PCC, increase the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s (OPCC) engagement with local residents and the policing family, and ensure continuity in unforeseen circumstances.

Claire is based in north Bristol and comes from a healthcare background, mainly working on the frontline in the NHS. She trained as pharmacist and has just finished a long stint supporting the COVID vaccination programme.

The new DPCC was a Councillor for eight years for the Horfield Ward area, a Cabinet Member for Education and Skills and an Area Chairman for Bristol and Gloucestershire Conservatives.

Claire has previously been a School Governor and is currently a Trustee for Bristol Old Vic, where she is Safeguarding Lead.

“I’m motivated to tackle inequality and increase opportunities for all; I see policing and criminal justice as an area where there is disproportionality and inequality in outcomes for different groups in society.

“I applied for this role as PCC Mark Shelford’s Police and Crime Plan focuses on prevention and I think that is the right direction to take. However, prevention isn’t just about the police; there are so many issues that determine why someone might go down the path of crime including housing, health and jobs, and we need to be working with partners to ensure there is a holistic approach to prevention.

“I’m really focussed on protecting the most vulnerable groups in our society including the elderly, people with mental health issues and women and girls, particularly when it comes to violence against women and girls (VAWG). From working in my pharmacy, I’ve interacted with people from all walks of life and understand how health, mental health and the circumstances they find themselves in can be influenced by their education, affluence and family life. This is why I have a particular interest in understanding why someone might be an offender or perpetrator as well as the mental health aspect of the Criminal Justice System.

DPCC Claire Hiscott

“I am delighted that Claire Hiscott has been appointed as my DPCC, and she will support me and the OPCC in ensuring Avon and Somerset Police is an effective, efficient and legitimate police service.

“With the recent publication of my Police and Crime Plan, work is well underway in delivering against my priorities and objectives. I know Claire has a particular interest in VAWG and disproportionality, and I look forward to her supporting these workstreams.

“She will also support me on engagement days, meeting with local people, partners and organisations to find out how, as PCC and DPCC, we can support them and address their police and crime concerns.”

PCC Mark Shelford