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BANES marks the first PCC councillor forum event series

Last Thursday (27 October), PCC Mark Shelford held a forum for councillors in the Bath.

The event, which is this the first of a series planned over the next four months in Avon and Somerset, was also attended by BANES Chief Inspection Ronnie Lungu and Sergeant Jon Raisey.

During the forum, the PCC presented an overview of his role, responsibilities to local people and explained his Police and Crime Plan.

The Police and Crime Plan consists of four priorities which include: preventing and fighting crime; engaging, supporting and working with communities, victims and partner organisations; leading the police to be efficient and effective and increasing the legitimacy of, and public confidence in, the police and criminal justice system.

The PCC then handed over to Chief Inspector Ronnie Lungu and Sergeant John Raisey who presented an overview of crime trends and statistics for Bath and outlined the greatest areas of reductions in offences and also areas of increase.

The Chief Inspector also discussed the StreetSafe tool, which has been introduced as part of the Government’s response to tackling violence against women and girls. The Chief Inspector urged councillors encourage their constituents to use it at times they feel unsafe while out in public.

The PCC opened the floor up to questions, which included topics relating to speeding, anti-social behaviour and the use of e-scooters.

The PCC and police were interested to hear first-hand the matters that concern local residents and reminded councillors to encourage locals to report crimes when they see them, either to 111 or

“Councillors regularly speak to local residents and hear first-hand their thoughts about policing and crime in their communities. For this very reason, during my campaigning to be PCC and since being elected, it has been of utmost importance to work with Councillors at all levels.

“I want to thank the Bath Councillors who attended my first forum and raised their concerns, issues and opinions directly to myself and the Neighbourhood Policing Team. We need to ensure we are working together for our communities.”

PCC Mark Shelford

The next Councillor Forum event will take place in South Somerset on Wednesday 23 November 2022.