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PCC and Chief Constable to discuss Institutional Racism in upcoming Performance and Accountability Board

PCC Mark Shelford will be putting questions to Chief Constable Sarah Crew relating to Institutional Racism in the upcoming Performance and Accountability Board on Tuesday 11 July.

The discussion follows the Chief Constable publicly acknowledging that Avon and Somerset Police are Institutionally Racist.

The Performance and Accountability Board will be broadcast live at 3pm on Facebook Live.

The PCC will also put questions relating to unauthorised or illegal encampments, and how the police service will improve their identification of repeat and vulnerable callers.

The Performance and Accountability Board is a meeting that sees the PCC hold the Chief Constable to account for delivering policing that is efficient, effective and legitimate by scrutinising and asking questions about police performance and priorities in Avon and Somerset.

“I fully support the Chief Constable’s acknowledgement of Institutional Racism and continue to have full confidence in her leadership.

“Now is a critical time in policing and criminal justice, and Institutional Racism is a challenging issue to face. I will be asking the Chief Constable how, after making this acknowledgement, she intends to improve the service for the public.

“The Performance and Accountability Board allows me to put questions and concerns on behalf of local people and is a chance for communities to better understand the decisions being made by Avon and Somerset Police. Please do tune in to listen to the Chief Constable’s response, not only to questions relating to Institutional Racism, but discussions around unauthorised or illegal encampments and protecting vulnerable people.”

PCC Mark Shelford