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Police and Crime Commissioner for Avon and Somerset launches ‘Together we can…’ campaign

Avon and Somerset PCC Mark Shelford is launching a campaign called “Together we can…”

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the work done to improve, change and challenge policing.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) for Avon and Somerset is the organisation that commissions, governs and scrutinises Avon and Somerset Police.

The campaign will also seek to educate people and communities on how the PCC and OPCC can help and support them and improve knowledge of the vital work done on their behalf across the region.

“Together we can…is a call to action for everyone to get involved in ensuring our communities are safe and people are protected from crime.

“My Police and Crime Plan, launched in 2021, includes four priorities – preventing and fighting crime; engaging and supporting communities and victims; leading the police to be efficient and effective; and increasing confidence in the criminal justice system.

“Most people are not aware of the work we do and, crucially, when they can turn to us for support to address issues or concerns they have with policing. We work hard to tackle so many and varied issues that affect all our lives at some point – from Violence Against Women and Girls, fraud, racial disproportionality and anti-social behaviour.     

“My job is to hold the Avon and Somerset Police to account and to keep striving for policing that serves everyone equally, so we all feel safe and supported in everyday life.”

PCC Mark Shelford

The Police and Crime Plan 2021-2025 is now mid-term and to date:

  • The PCC has attended 29 engagements days in 2022/23
  • In spring 2023, the OPCC recruited 18 volunteers across all scrutiny panels
  • Since 2022, there has been nine Performance and Accountability Boards where the PCC has held the Chief Constable to account for delivering an effective and efficient police service
  • In 2022/23 the OPCC received £4.1 million in Ministry of Justice funding for OPCC commissioned services. This was enhanced by OPCC contributions of £339,000 and partner funding of £122,000
  • A total of 53,511 victims were supported by OPCC services in Avon and Somerset in 2022/23

The campaign is in part designed, to support rebuilding confidence in trust in policing in light of national issues damaging relationships between police and communities including the recent review by Baroness Casey of policing in The Met.  

The six-month campaign will include visits to organisations and communities across the region to hear firsthand experiences from local people; online educational content to explain the work of the PCC and examples of the work of the OPCC as well as celebrating and promoting the wide-reaching work done by volunteers and partner organisations which often goes unnoticed.