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Walk and Talk Scheme

DPCC learning about the Walk and Talk scheme

Claire Hiscott Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner (DPCC) visited Wincanton for a Walk and Talk with PCSO Beata.

Walk and Talk is a service by Avon and Somerset Police, where women can get in touch to go out and walk with a female police officer or PCSO in a place where they feel unsafe and vulnerable.

The scheme currently takes place in East Somerset, North Somerset, and West Somerset; if you live in any of those areas you can register for a visit by filling out the Walk and Talk form.

DPCC walked through Wincanton and discussed with PCSO Beata about the scheme.

To find out more about the Walk and Talk scheme please visit: Walk and Talk | Avon and Somerset Police

“It was great to meet with PCSO Beata and get an insight on what it’s like to be on a Walk and Talk.

“Avon and Somerset Polices Walk and Talk scheme is an amazing way to tell your local police the areas you feel unsafe in, as well as getting the chance to show them so they can improve women’s safety on our streets.”

DPCC Claire Hiscott

You can also report feeling unsafe in the street safe app, completely anonymously.

This can be due to many reasons such as poor lighting, anti-social behaviour, or harassment. Reports are shared with your local police force and local authorities for action.