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PCC and Chief Constable to discuss Visible Policing, Youth Crime and ASB, and an PEEL Report 

The Police and Crime Commissioner’s Performance and Accountability Board will be broadcast live from our Facebook account Thursday (17th January) at 10:00am. Click here to join.

The Performance and Accountability Board (PAB) is a meeting that sees the PCC hold the Chief Constable (CC) of Avon and Somerset to account for delivering policing that is efficient, effective, and legitimate by scrutinising and asking questions about their police performance and priorities.  

Each PAB covers three areas: 

  1. Topical 
  2. PCC post bag
    Concerns or issues raised the public write to the PCC about 
  3. Police Effectiveness, Efficiency and Legitimacy (PEEL)
    The primary framework in which police forces are inspected.  

Below is a breakdown of the next PAB discussion areas.   

Topical: Visible Policing 

There will be discussions about how officers out and about and policing in the community. 

PCC Post Bag: Youth Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour 

The PCC will be asking questions relating to Youth crime and Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) across Avon and Somerset, following requests from the PCC postbag.   

PEEL: Management of registered sex offenders 

Finally, the PCC will question the CC on the PEEL reports. PEEL stands for: Police Effectiveness, Efficiency and Legitimacy and is the primary framework in which police forces are inspected.  

The PCC will ask CC about the changes in figures and management they have of registered sex offenders. 

“I will be asking Chief Constable about officers in the community, and about plans for increasing officer visibility. 

“Preventing crime like Anti-social Behaviour is a priority for me and is an area of focus of my Police and Crime Plan. I know from my recent engagements that this is an area of concern for people. 

“As an area of improvement on the PEEL report, I will ask the Chief Constable about updated figures related to the management of registered sex offenders.” 

“Please do tune in on the 17th of January at 10am, to see me hold Chief Constable to account.” 

PCC Mark Shelford