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PCC and Chief Constable talk knife crime, vetting and police funding  

You are invited to tune into our monthly Performance and Accountability Board and watch the Police and Crime Commissioner question the Chief Constable on policing delivery.  

The PCCs Performance and Accountability Board (PAB) will broadcast live from our Facebook account Tuesday (13th February) at 11:00am. Click here to join. 

The (PAB) is a meeting that sees the PCC hold the Chief Constable (CC) of Avon and Somerset to account for delivering policing that is efficient, effective, and legitimate by scrutinising and asking questions about their police performance and priorities.   

Police funding  

The police council tax precept is the part of resident’s council tax that fund local policing, the precept is increasing by £13 in Avon and Somerset and will raise an extra £7.8 million a year for Avon and Somerset Police. 

PCC will be asking CC what this increase means for Avon and Somerset. 

“Preventing crime like Knife Crime is a priority for me. I will be asking Chief Constable about proactive policing in this area and how we can get knives off our streets. 

“After the recently confirmed increase of the local council tax precept, I will ask the Chief Constable what this means for the service Avon and Somerset Police provides to our communities. 

“Please do tune in on the 13th of February at 11am, to see me hold the Chief Constable to account.”  

PCC Mark Shelford

Below is a breakdown of the next PAB discussion areas.    

Knife crime

There will be discussions about how Avon and Somerset Police can make stop and search more effective to tackle knife crime. 


The PCC will be following up from a meeting in September and will be asking for an update on the workforce being checked against the Police National Database.  

The PCC will also ask about the recent Channel 4 documentary series – To Catch a Copper; and how the CC will improve the standards of behaviour in the force.