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Together we can… work with our communities 

The second priority in the PCC’s Police and Crime plan outlines engaging, supporting and working with communities, victims and partner organisations. Engagement is a vital part of the OPCC’s work. 

Key objectives of the priority include increasing engagement with and from communities, increasing victim satisfaction and increasing feelings of safety. To achieve these objectives, the PCC will be focusing on the following six areas: 

Public engagement – particularly with under represented groups 

Engagement is vital for local communities to have trust and confidence in their police service. It is crucial for legitimacy of the service provided, without which the British model of policing by consent will not work. Similarly, engagement plays a key part in helping people to feel safe within the communities of Avon and Somerset. 

The criminal justice system 

A productive relationship between the police and criminal justice system is essential. A collaborative focus on shared learning is important both for individual cases and strategic development. Enhancing information sharing will enable better analysis and performance management. 

Special Constables and citizens in policing  

Citizens in policing refers to people outside the police working with and supporting the police to protect communities. Opportunities include the Special Constabulary, Police Support Volunteers, Cadets Neighbourhood Watch, Farm Watch and Community SpeedWatch.  

Reducing reoffending 

Reducing reoffending is about preventing those, who have committed crimes already, from going on to commit further crimes. About 80% of all crime is committed by those reoffending. The national cost of reoffending is estimated to be £18.1 billion. 

Supporting victims of crime and antisocial behaviour  

It is incumbent on the police that they support victims from the very first contact with them. This support should continue throughout the life of the investigation until the incident is finalised. This applies to individuals and businesses whether they are in urban or rural areas. 

Collaboration and partnership working  

In addition to law enforcement agencies, it is essential Avon and Somerset Police continues to work alongside the public sector and the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector. This partnership working is particularly important in relation to safeguarding and prevention work. The police alone can only tackle the symptoms of crime not the causes.