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PCC and Chief Constable to discuss Knife Crime, Right Care Right Person, Speeding and PEEL Report. 

Tune into our livestreamed monthly Performance and Accountability Board and watch the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) question the Chief Constable (CC) on policing.   

The PCCs Performance and Accountability Board (PAB) will broadcast live from our Facebook account tomorrow (Wednesday March 13 at 14:30). Click here to join. 

The (PAB) is a meeting that sees the PCC hold the CC of Avon and Somerset to account for delivering policing that is efficient, effective, and legitimate by scrutinising and asking questions about their police performance and priorities.  

Each PAB covers three areas: 

  1. Topical 
  1. PCC post bag 
    Concerns or issues raised the public write to the PCC about 
  1. Police Effectiveness, Efficiency and Legitimacy (PEEL) 
    The primary framework in which police forces are inspected.  

“Preventing crime like Knife Crime is a priority for me. I will be asking Chief Constable about Section 60 stop and search powers in Bristol as well as the Right Care, Right Person scheme. 

“I have had people contact me with their concerns about speeding, this is a very serious issue, so I will question CC on this. 

“Following a PEEL inspection, I am asking the Chief Constable what they have done to improve Avon and Somerset Polices enforcement action against offenders accessing indecent images of children. 

“Please do tune in on the 12th of March at 2pm, to see me hold the Chief Constable to account.”   

PCC Mark Shelford

Below is a breakdown of the next PAB discussion areas.     

Knife Crime 

Recently, Avon and Somerset Police has increased their Section 60 stop and search powers and have been using them in Bristol. 

PCC will be asking CC what this power is, and why they have been using it.  

Right Care, Right Person 

With the recent coverage in the media of this national police scheme, the PCC will ask CC what this is and the reason for it. 


Speeding is the most common factor contributing to fatal collisions in Britan. 

PCC Mark Shelford would like to know, what CC is doing to stop people speeding on our roads. 

Avon and Somerset PEEL report  

Linking to a specific area of improvement Avon and Somerset Police were given, PCC Shelford would like to know how they have improved Avon and Somerset Polices enforcement action, regarding offender’s access to indecent images of children, over this last year.