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PCC visits local Police Cadets

PCC Mark Shelford with Patchway Volunteer Police Cadets

This week Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Mark Shelford visited Patchway and Bristol Volunteer Police Cadets (VPC).

On Tuesday evening the PCC got the opportunity to speak to the Patchway VPCs. The PCC started the evening off by watching the VPCs parade and then completed a uniform check on the cadets.

Following this, the PCC gave a talk to the cadets about his career and the life as the PCC. He then opened the session up to questions.

One asked “What is your biggest achievement as the PCC?”, the PCC said that the recruitment of 1500 police officers in three years and the Prisoners Building Homes scheme are his top two.

After the questions and answers Patchway VPC’s took part in a budgeting exercise where they were given a budget and costs of different necessities in policing, and they had to decide what they would do, if they were the PCC.

On Thursday evening the PCC visited the Bristol VPC’s. Similar to the other visit, he spoke about his career and life of the PCC, and then opened it up to questions. The PCC also asked if the young people had anything they would like to raise with him.

One cadet stated that following the sad knife crime incidents happening in Bristol, she thinks students should be taught more about the consequences of carrying knives and the damaging effects it has on people’s lives.

“Visiting the Volunteer Police Cadets over the week has been a great opportunity to engage with young people and hear their questions and concerns.

“Becoming a police cadet is a great opportunity, as it generates new skills, community service and a sense of belonging for young people.”

PCC Mark Shelford
PCC Mark Shelford with Bristol Volunteer Police Cadets