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Commissioner’s Crime Prevention Fund Open

The Somerset Community Foundation is inviting applications for the Commissioner’s Crime Prevention Fund, a funding initiative aimed at reducing crime and promoting safer communities. The fund offers grants ranging from £1,000 to £10,000 to support projects that address crime, serious violence, and antisocial behaviour.

Objective and Impact

The Commissioner’s Crime Prevention Fund, provided by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, is designed to empower local communities to take proactive measures in crime prevention. By providing financial assistance for innovative projects, the fund seeks to create safer environments and foster stronger community bonds.

Eligible Projects

The Commissioner’s Crime Prevention Fund can be used to fund a wide range of activities, including:

  • Youth Services: Programs that help young people develop social and emotional skills, thereby reducing their likelihood of engaging with the criminal justice system. This includes youth clubs and initiatives aimed at giving young individuals a second chance if they’ve encountered trouble.
  • Community Events: Activities that bring together people who might not otherwise interact, fostering community cohesion and combating antisocial behaviour and hate crime.
  • Awareness Campaigns: Raising awareness, so certain groups become less likely to fall victim to a crime. Examples include training for older adults on identifying online fraud and equipping frontline staff and volunteers to recognise signs of individuals at risk.

How to apply

Groups and organisations need to apply by Friday 28 June, 2024  and can apply by going onto the Somerset Community Foundation website Commissioner’s Crime Prevention Fund – Somerset Community Foundation (