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Free Bystander Intervention Training for night time economy workers

We are announcing a new initiative aimed at making our communities safer. In collaboration with Night Time Economy Solutions (NTE Solutions), we are offering a free bystander intervention training program designed to prevent male violence against women and girls (MVAWG). This program is open to those who work in the nighttime economy, such as in pubs, nightclubs and hospitality.

The details for the first in person training session in Bath are:

Date: 29th July

Time: 10am – 2pm

Sign up by going here: Avon & Somerset | NTES (

Creating Safer Nightlife for All

This training is an important step towards fostering a safer and more welcoming environment in our nightlife venues, helping to ensure these spaces remain enjoyable and secure for everyone.

Avon and Somerset PCC Clare Moody says “Ensuring safety in our communities requires proactive measures, not just reactive responses, so I am delighted to support this initiative. By empowering nighttime economy workers with bystander intervention training, we’re enabling them to play a pivotal role in creating safer nightlife environments for everyone. Training like this is a crucial component of the work happening to prevent male violence against women and girls, and I encourage people to seize this opportunity to make a difference.”

Why This Training is Essential

Women and girls deserve to be safe everywhere, including when they engage with the nighttime economy, and this training gives people working in this area the knowledge to identify and react to MVAWG.

Also with the upcoming implementation of the Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) Act 2023, effective from October 26, 2024, employers are now required to take proactive steps to prevent sexual harassment. This training will help businesses comply with these new legal obligations while also fostering a safer community environment.

What the Training Covers

Participants will gain valuable insights into the root causes and various forms of MVAWG. The program highlights the essential role of bystanders in preventing violence and offers practical strategies for safe and effective intervention. Engaging discussions will help challenge common myths and stereotypes about MVAWG, equipping attendees with the knowledge to support and protect others in real-life situations.

The Importance of Bystander Intervention

Bystander intervention is a proactive approach that empowers individuals to recognize and address harmful situations before they escalate. This is particularly crucial in nighttime settings, where the risk of harassment or violence can be higher.

Training Features

  • Flexible Learning Options: The program includes both instructor-led and virtual sessions to accommodate different schedules.
  • Extended Support: Participants will receive two years of access to an online learning hub, featuring a wealth of resources and toolkits.
  • Certification: Upon completion, attendees will earn a certificate recognizing their commitment to community safety.

How to Get Involved

To sign up for this or future sessions or to access the e-learning head to: