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PCC visits Glastonbury Festival

PCC Clare Moody with SARSAS team

Last Friday (28th June), Police and Crime Commissioner Clare Moody joined the Avon and Somerset Police Glastonbury team for a walk about to understand how the police work to keep festival goers and the local community around Worthy Farm safe.

It was Clare’s first time attending the festival and she was impressed by the dedicated police team who worked throughout the festival, making it a safe experience for festival-goers, artists, volunteers, and staff alike.

Avon and Somerset Police Head of Operations for Glastonbury Festival, Oliver Cosgrove, showed Clare some of the behind-the-scenes operations to help her understand how the police try to keep festival-goers safe, deal with those involved in criminality, and consider the diversity of the attendees and the huge attendance.

Clare said: “Considering the size of the site, and the number of people in attendance, it was good natured. Police operations fitted with the mood of the festival, they engaged with festive-goers and the local community giving reassurance that their role was to keep everyone safe.”

Clare had the opportunity to walk around the festival grounds, meeting festival goers and meeting various support staff and volunteers. She also visited other welfare support organisations such as the Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support (SARSAS), which offers support for individuals affected by rape, sexual assault, or abuse.

To understand the site, Clare also visited the Pyramid Stage which provides the festival’s most high-profile attractions, and the Other Stage.

Clare expressed her gratitude to all the Avon and Somerset Police officers and staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure a safe and enjoyable festival experience for everyone.

PCC Clare Moody, Oliver Cosgrove (right), ASP Head of Operations & Inspector Stuart King (left)