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Complaints against the Chief Constable

The Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset Police is responsible for the delivery of efficient and effective policing in the Avon and Somerset force area.

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) holds the Chief Constable to account for how policing services are delivered and is responsible for any complaints against the personal conduct of the Chief Constable including acts, omissions, statements and decisions.

The PCC is also responsible (as the ‘appropriate authority’) for any complaints, conduct matters, or Death or Serious Injury matters involving the Chief Constable (or any acting Chief Constable) of Avon and Somerset Police.

The Chief Constable must:

  • Act with honesty and integrity
  • Treat members of the public, officers and staff with respect and courtesy
  • Not abuse their powers and authority
  • Act with fairness and impartiality
  • Act in a manner that does not discredit or undermine public confidence in the police service.

Expectations about the behaviour of the Chief Constable are set out in the Standards of Professional Behaviour (PDF).

Make a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint about the conduct of the Chief Constable, do so:

  • online — fill in the make a complaint form
  • by post —

    The Police and Crime Commissioner
    The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
    Avon and Somerset Police Headquarters
    Valley Road
    BS20 8JJ

What happens once you have made a complaint?

We take all complaints seriously and aim reply to you within 10 working days with details about how we will handle the complaint.

We deal with complaints against the Chief Constable in accordance with the Independent Office for Police Conduct’s statutory guidance on handling complaints against the police (PDF).

We will determine whether any action or disciplinary proceedings should be brought if the complaint is against the current Chief Constable. This step is not required for a Chief Constable who is no longer serving in Avon and Somerset Police, although criminal proceedings can be used if appropriate.

You have the right to appeal to the IOPC if you disagree with our decision not to officially record your complaint. 

Making a complaint about a police officer

Any complaints about a police officer below the rank of Chief Constable should be made directly to Avon and Somerset Police and should follow their complaints process.

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