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The Youth Endowment Fund visits Avon and Somerset Violence Reduction Unit

Last week, the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner (DPCC), Claire Hiscott, along with Violence Reduction Units (VRU) representative, met with colleagues from The Youth Endowment Fund (YEF) at Avon and Somerset Police Headquarters. This YEF visit is part of their tour to VRUs across the country, with the aim of building strong working relationships and gain a better understanding on initiatives VRU’s are delivering in practice.

Showcasing the Violence Reduction Unit Initiatives

Attendees at the YEF visit at Avon and Somerset Police Headquarters

On Thursday the 11th of May, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Claire Hiscott, welcomed Laura and Caleb from YEF, along with representatives from each of the VRU spokes, OPCC Hub staff, Avon and Somerset Police, charity DHI and Project 28.

Laura and Caleb learnt about the Avon and Somerset Violence Reduction Unit model, approach and initiatives happening across the county. They then provided an overview of the YEF toolkit and future plans.

Rachel from South Gloucestershire Council explained the fantastic Early Intervention, Education Inclusion Programme, which has been rolled out across the district. This was followed by the VRU representatives and Project 28 displaying their work and answering questions from YEF and colleagues.

Finally, two separate films were shown, providing an insight into some of the early intervention and youth work being delivered across Avon and Somerset.

  • A Collaborate Digital film highlighted the interactive early intervention work they are delivering across Somerset and North Somerset schools. To find out more, please click here.
  • Youth Connect South West created a film showcasing their youth work, Street 2 Studio music offer and outreach youth work they deliver across the B&NEs area. To find out more, please click here.

“I would like to thank everyone who attended todays event, it provided a wonderful snapshot of the fantastic youth violence prevention initiatives the VRUs and partners are delivering to our local young people.”

DPCC Claire Hiscott

The Youth Endowment Fund

The Youth Endowment Fund is a charity, which set up in 2019 with a primary goal of finding what works to prevent children and young people from being involved in violence. They fund initiatives, conduct research and strive for positive change. As a What Works centre, they are dedicated to generating high-level, robust evidence that will aid front-line practitioners, policy leads, senior leaders, and other key stakeholders in making informed decisions.

To find out more, please click here.

Avon and Somerset Violence Reduction Unit

Violence Reduction Units (VRU) form part of the Home Office’s targeted approach to serious violence. They are the multi-agency delivery body for areas across England and Wales most affected by serious violence.

In 2019, the OPCC created a Hub and Spoke model for the Avon and Somerset VRU, with the OPCC being the Hub and five local VRU areas making the Spokes.

The Spoke areas are:

  • Bath and North East Somerset (B&NEs)
  • Bristol
  • North Somerset
  • Somerset
  • South Gloucestershire

To find out more, please click here.